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Veruca Salt?


I don’t think so….

I’m originally from New Jersey. So, when we moved south and I saw this very weird beautiful plant/bush I had no clue.

I had absolutely NO CLUE what the heck it is.

So I had to do some investigative work and some friends to help me out. (they live down south)


they told me it was a

Beauty Bush!



I can see why. It’s absolutely mesmerizing to look at. The Purple color is so shocking it would brighten any body’s day. 

This is the information I found out about this gorgeous bush:

1. It goes by a lot of different names American, French Mulberry,  Bunchberry,  Sourbush or Purple Beauty-Berry.

**The one pictured above is the American Beauty Berry.**

2. The roots, leaves and branches were used by the American Native tribes for various medicinal purposes such as fevers, rheumatism, discentery, dizziness,  stomachaches and even for colic.

3. Zones 7-10 6 if protected

I got this information from the USDA click here for the PDF link.

OKAY, think I’ve said enough for one night. I just LOVE this plant/bush and can’t wait to plant one one day!

Happy Planting! 🙂


3 thoughts on “Veruca Salt?

  1. You can also make jelly out of the berries. The berries themselves aren’t very tasty, but the jelly is. We call it American Beauty Berry here in Texas. I’ve made the jelly, so I swear the berries are not poisonous! The jelly ends up pink with a light floral flavor.

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