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Wow, Who knew?

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I love learning new things.

So, I was thrilled when Ann of


(Btw, her photo’s are amazing ~ If you get a chance check them out)

 left a comment on the Beauty Bush blog post I wrote!

(you can read it here)


Ann said down in Texas it was called the

American Beauty Bush and that they make Jelly out of them.Who knew? I didn’t. But now I do because of Ann.

 So, right after reading her comment I went on the hunt!

I went on the hunt for a GREAT recipe/tutorial .


Here is THE BEST one I could find:


over at


Looks pretty easy to follow.

Let it be known I can’t wait to try this recipe!

And again,

THANK YOU, Ann!!!!

For letting me know those beautiful berries are more than just beauty they’re also tasty in jelly form.


Until the next time Happy Gardening 🙂





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