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Did someone say, STRAWBERRIES?

I LOVE,LOVE,LOVE growing and eating fresh strawberries. I mean really is there anything (anything) better than a sweet juicy fresh Strawberry? I don’t think so.

Lately I’ve had a few people ask me if they are easy to grow and how to do it.


Here is some info:

How to Grow Strawberries

7 Simple Tips to Growing Strawberries

Growing Strawberries in Containers

10 Tips for Growing Strawberries (Like a Boss)

How to Grow 30 Strawberry Plants in 2 feet of Space


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Almost 10 Weeks!

Who-Ha! I can’t believe it’s been almost 10 weeks since the last update. But it has! A lot has happened since November 14.

Check this out!

LOOK at  The Venus Fly trap & The Pitcher Plant! Just LOOK at them…..


Before & After


This has been thrilling learning how to grow these two plants. I’ve also noticed, Do you see the blue arrows? See the little black looking dots? Well, they are actually not black dots.  Those are little hairlike triggers. When a bug lands on any of those hairlike things the Venus Fly Trap will close. AND when it closes it stays closed until it get ALL the nutrients from the bug. Then it will open.

Venus Fly Trap hairs

These two plants are amazing and I can’t wait to see them in another 10 weeks….

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Wow, Who knew?

I love learning new things.

So, I was thrilled when Ann of


(Btw, her photo’s are amazing ~ If you get a chance check them out)

 left a comment on the Beauty Bush blog post I wrote!

(you can read it here)


Ann said down in Texas it was called the

American Beauty Bush and that they make Jelly out of them.Who knew? I didn’t. But now I do because of Ann.

 So, right after reading her comment I went on the hunt!

I went on the hunt for a GREAT recipe/tutorial .


Here is THE BEST one I could find:


over at


Looks pretty easy to follow.

Let it be known I can’t wait to try this recipe!

And again,

THANK YOU, Ann!!!!

For letting me know those beautiful berries are more than just beauty they’re also tasty in jelly form.


Until the next time Happy Gardening 🙂




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Soft yellow (part 2)

Wow!Mexico Tarragon is so pretty!



Another soft view of the Mexican Tarragon in my herb garden. I didn’t feel like this one belonged with the others because it’s a little brighter/high key in comparison.

It’s amazing what you can do just by changing your position. You can also move the flower or stem into a position where the light hits it the way you want.

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BIG Updates!

BUG Biting plants Terrarium Set, UPDATE!

Yay, it’s been ONE WEEK! ONE WEEK!

I’m SO excited, can you tell?

So, here’s the update.

The first thing I’d like to mention is:

  The Venus Fly Trap seemed like it was wilting a bit. So, I decided to uncover it. Other than that the plants are moving right along. AND

They are getting bigger by the day.

Here’s the Venus Fly Trap. As you can tell it now has some teeth which are actually *trigger hairs*


You can also see that there are multiplying as I type.



Here is the much slower grower,

*Pitcher Plant*


Can you see them?

I was SO excited to go to the SC Botanical garden this past week. LOOK at these Pitcher Plants:



Their impressive, right? They got me to thinking I need to find a book. And I found one,

Check out this 5star amazon book,

The Savage Garden :


Pic Amazon.com

Can’t wait to start reading it! Anyway, this was the update!

Until the next update, happy Gardening 🙂


Veruca Salt?

I don’t think so….

I’m originally from New Jersey. So, when we moved south and I saw this very weird beautiful plant/bush I had no clue.

I had absolutely NO CLUE what the heck it is.

So I had to do some investigative work and some friends to help me out. (they live down south)


they told me it was a

Beauty Bush!



I can see why. It’s absolutely mesmerizing to look at. The Purple color is so shocking it would brighten any body’s day. 

This is the information I found out about this gorgeous bush:

1. It goes by a lot of different names American, French Mulberry,  Bunchberry,  Sourbush or Purple Beauty-Berry.

**The one pictured above is the American Beauty Berry.**

2. The roots, leaves and branches were used by the American Native tribes for various medicinal purposes such as fevers, rheumatism, discentery, dizziness,  stomachaches and even for colic.

3. Zones 7-10 6 if protected

I got this information from the USDA click here for the PDF link.

OKAY, think I’ve said enough for one night. I just LOVE this plant/bush and can’t wait to plant one one day!

Happy Planting! 🙂