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I’m seeing RED!

*RED* as in tomato red!

I can’t wait until the Summer. Let me repeat I can’t wait until the Summer! I can feel it now the warmth of the sun and the vegetables growing on the deck.

Check out this tomato……I grew this beauty this past summer (2014).

My very own perfect tomato. AND weighed over one pound!

My very own perfect tomato. AND weighed over one pound!


I swear it was THE PERFECT tomato. Not only did it look perfect it tasted like the sweetest tomato ever! It also weighed over a pound! I have never in my entire life tasted¬† sweeter tomato’s than the ones I grew this past summer. AND my hubby agrees!¬† We’re still trying to figure out why they were so sweet.

We can ONLY come up with 2 things.

1. The Seeds

Usually, I go to Walmart or some other store like that to get Organic Burpee Tomato seeds or Organic Heirloom seeds. I figure there seeds from well known companies. Well, as I’ve learned there is a HUGE difference in the quality of seeds.

This past summer (2014) I went with ALL of my seeds from Heirloom Solutions. It’s a small company that’s into quality control and are very helpful. I had contacted them to find out what vegetables would be the best to grow in containers. They told me they’ve planted basically anything in containers and have had great success. Just a matter of what I’d like and to make sure the soil doesn’t completely dry out….

So, I picked lots of different types. One being a variety pack of Heirloom tomato’s. These tomato’s were HUGE some weighing over one pound once picked. They were awesome slicers! AND sooooooooooo sweet that I’m still talking about them. Can’t wait to start growing again!

2. The Soil

This past summer I also tried mixing my own soil which consisted of equal parts of Peat Moss, Potting soil, Perlite, & Manure (I used dehydrated cow manure)


Let me know your thoughts below…..

I just can not wait to taste another tomato..

My mouth is watering right now

just thinking about it!