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BIG Updates!

BUG Biting plants Terrarium Set, UPDATE!

Yay, it’s been ONE WEEK! ONE WEEK!

I’m SO excited, can you tell?

So, here’s the update.

The first thing I’d like to mention is:

  The Venus Fly Trap seemed like it was wilting a bit. So, I decided to uncover it. Other than that the plants are moving right along. AND

They are getting bigger by the day.

Here’s the Venus Fly Trap. As you can tell it now has some teeth which are actually *trigger hairs*


You can also see that there are multiplying as I type.



Here is the much slower grower,

*Pitcher Plant*


Can you see them?

I was SO excited to go to the SC Botanical garden this past week. LOOK at these Pitcher Plants:



Their impressive, right? They got me to thinking I need to find a book. And I found one,

Check out this 5star amazon book,

The Savage Garden :


Pic Amazon.com

Can’t wait to start reading it! Anyway, this was the update!

Until the next update, happy Gardening 🙂