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Veruca Salt?

I don’t think so….

I’m originally from New Jersey. So, when we moved south and I saw this very weird beautiful plant/bush I had no clue.

I had absolutely NO CLUE what the heck it is.

So I had to do some investigative work and some friends to help me out. (they live down south)


they told me it was a

Beauty Bush!



I can see why. It’s absolutely mesmerizing to look at. The Purple color is so shocking it would brighten any body’s day. 

This is the information I found out about this gorgeous bush:

1. It goes by a lot of different names American, French Mulberry,  Bunchberry,  Sourbush or Purple Beauty-Berry.

**The one pictured above is the American Beauty Berry.**

2. The roots, leaves and branches were used by the American Native tribes for various medicinal purposes such as fevers, rheumatism, discentery, dizziness,  stomachaches and even for colic.

3. Zones 7-10 6 if protected

I got this information from the USDA click here for the PDF link.

OKAY, think I’ve said enough for one night. I just LOVE this plant/bush and can’t wait to plant one one day!

Happy Planting! 🙂